Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

100+ Research Analysts and Consultants

Our team of 100+ analysts and consultants carries a rich experience working in the Life sciences domain.

30,000+ Reports

Insights10 has 30,000+ readily available syndicated market research reports in various categories – Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Services, Medical Devices, Clinical Trials, Digital Health, OTC & Nutraceuticals.

1200+ Reports Annually

Over 1200 new reports are published every year adding to our strong database.

Specialized in the Life sciences Market

We offer a one-stop solution for all your Life-sciences market research requirements. Over 62 countries and regions are covered in life sciences.

Country-Specific Reports

We provide country-specific market research reports with comprehensive coverage of all the nuances with respect to that country, which is one of our differentiating factors. We have covered 22,000 country-specific reports available for you to meet your requirements.

We have clients all across the world

So far we have worked with clients in 44 countries and 1000+ clients are served every year. Our perspective means we know what is happening in your regional market and what is working elsewhere in the world.

Worked with companies just like yours before

Insights10 has the advantage of having completed numerous consulting projects for life science companies. This means whatever you do, chances are we already have experience with something very similar.

In the Life Science industry, we offer the most detailed market segmentation.

We offer a competitive landscape by providing in-depth patent analyses and profiles of key industry players.

How We Can Help Companies Take Better Decisions

Develop the business case to launch the product

Get modified reports to make it easier for you to decide about the product launch

  • Go to market data
  • Getting the perfect launch time
  • Understanding the geography
  • Understanding the markets

Make Business Decisions around Commercialization

Need data on critical strategic decisions? The reports are designed to answer questions for your meetings with your seniors and leaders.

  • Overall treatment pathway
  • Patient journey
  • Reimbursements and Regulatory status

Get Answers to Specific Business Questions

Backup your initiative with the data you need for internal approval

  • Know if the market is big enough
  • Understand market opportunity on in-licensing product
  • Understand market prospects on how lucrative the market is, growth potential, and competitor activity
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